Tuition: MASSAGE

Application Fee $100.00
Program Cost $6600.00
Textbooks & Supplies $330.00 (approx.)
Student Insurance $65.00
Total $7095.00 (approx.)

Books, Supplies, & Other Fees:

Textbooks can be purchased from the school prior to the beginning of classes or on orientation day. Supply fees include a variety of massage creams and lotions, a holster, hydrotherapy spa products, aromatherapy and ear candling supplies.  Additional supplies are available in our bookstore as well as Oakworks™ massage tables and accessories.

Students will need to purchase several pairs of solid-colored “scrubs,” the required uniform, several sets of sheets, a blanket and towels for massage classes and student spa sessions. A professional massage is also required by the end of the first month of school, and generally runs between $60 and $80.

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