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After you have reviewed this website and requested our catalog, call the school and schedule an orientation meeting with the Campus Director. At this meeting, answer any questions you may have and provide a tour of the facilities. We will be happy to schedule a time for you to sit in on any of our classes, as well.

To enrich your learning experience and introduce you to licensed professionals already practicing in your area, we require our students to receive a massage or facial before commencing the program.

Completing the Application is the next step in the admission process. Please take your time and answer all questions thoughtfully and honestly. Attach a copy of your high school transcript, diploma, or GED to the Application for Admission.

Include your Massage/Facial Verification Form, a current photo, a check or money order for $100 and mail it or drop it off at the Institute. Two Letters of Recommendation will be sent directly to the school by an employer, health care professional or colleague.

The final step in the Admissions process is to complete an Enrollment Agreement with the Campus Director. Several payment options are available and will be discussed in detail at this time.

Class size is limited and registration closes when classes are full.

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