Our mission is to support the learning and personal growth process of each student and provide courses of study which create successful, professional licensed massage therapists and estheticians.

Our objective is to provide an education for our students which:

• Exceeds the minimum requirements of the state of South Carolina in both massage & esthetics

• Prepares the student to successfully pass the appropriate licensure examination

• Provides students with a thorough understanding of anatomy & physiology as it relates to their field

• Includes a structured internship program so that students may learn to relate to the public in a professional manner

• Enables students to explore various bodywork and skin care methods and select those which work best

• Emphasizes sequenced learning of skills

• Requires demonstration of competency prior to being certified

• Stresses acquiring and maintaining good body mechanics

• Encourages ethical behavior and positive attitudes toward others

• Provides an environment which is safe and that stimulates creative expression and positive change

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